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Almanac works with courageous, purpose-driven organizations, doing what it takes to move the needle. It can get messy, but together we’ll untangle the knots and clear out the confusion in your branding and communications.

Transformational work takes tenacity–we know what you’re up against! Any of these sound familiar?

Our brand was created before digital was a thing, ugh

We don’t have key messages, so everyone explains our work differently

Our website is a great place to get lost

Our board isn’t really sure who we serve

That print newsletter is not getting read

Everyone thinks we only do the one thing we did when we were founded

Our strategic plan has set some BIG/scary goals

Our potential donors are on social media, and we’re not

Everyone is on social media, and we’re not

If I hear the word “content” again, I’ll scream

I’m ready to change the world

We’re thought leaders but no one knows it

There’s great thinking going on inside our organization, but it’s not getting out

We call ourselves the “best-kept secret”

Our marketing needs a shot in the arm

Everyone knows what they want to say, but not what our audience wants to hear

Show me another

How We Can Help

Our processes help you get to heart of things, and bring the big picture into focus. Almanac programs are tailored to your audiences, your goals and the change you want to make.

Our Clients

“Almanac developed a visual identity that helps Places for People stand out among other providers in our community, while reinforcing our thought-leadership and mission.”

Chris Stalter, Communications Coordinator, Places for People

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