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Removing the Stigma

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Places for People has been a leader in the region’s mental health space since 1972. The evolution of their work, plus new recognition as the only Certified Behavioral Health Clinic in St. Louis inspired them to embark on a comprehensive brand update.


Since its founding, the community has known Places for People as an organization helping those with mental illness get off the streets, into supportive homes and communities. After 40 years, PFP had moved past their housing roots and now works to meet both physical and mental health needs. They were ready for a brand that would set them apart in the field of mental health, with flexibility to explain the breadth of their work.


Because the organization was going to retain its name, the new brand had to tell the whole story of their work, and also make sense to both long-term and new supporters. By expanding the idea of "place" to include a person's place in society and in life, we created key messages and visual assets that position the organization for the future. Brand launch plans included outreach to new audiences to flip perspectives of mental illness.

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Real People, Real Stories

The relationship between PFP staff and those they serve is one of understanding and connection. We partnered with photographer Jay Fram to create a suite of images of staff and individuals served, communicating the reality of the people who are engaged in this work. Photos are used throughout print and digital communications materials and paired with personal stories, triumphs, and expertise.

places for people client
places for people client
places for people client
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Measurable Outcomes

The expert staff at Places for People use evidence-based practices to meet people where they are on their road to recovery. To educate their audience of donors and supporters about key data and mental health statistics while also working to remove stigma, we developed a visual language, showcasing surprising information and the unique approach to mental illness taken by Places for People.

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places for people new brand posters saying it's about a life, it's about recovery

“I’ve looked at many behavioral health organizations and funder websites and ours is so much more human. This website is the best representation of community behavioral health care that I've seen. ”

Joe Yancey, Executive Director, Places for People
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It's About a Life

A website is the most visible and accessible representation of a brand, so the Places for People website was our best opportunity to break the stigma around mental health. By bringing the very real stories of the people served by Places for People to the forefront – through the homepage and the Journey to Healing section – the site emphasizes the reality of mental health issues and reinforces that we are all impacted.

It's About People

Each staff member at Places for People has a personal reason that they are passionate about what they do. For them it is more than just writing prescriptions, managing symptoms, and moving from one patient to the next. It’s about care, it’s about options, and it’s about a life.

Places for People staff member
places for people staff member


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