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Transforming Communities


At the heart of KAI Enterprises is a commitment to investing in people and communities. We created a brand that brings to life the human impact this design / build  company has had.


KAI Enterprises—one of the largest MBE-Certified A/E/C firms, based in St. Louis with offices in Atlanta, Omaha, Dallas, and San Antonio—transforms communities through integrated design and construction solutions. Under new leadership, the company recently began an aggressive period of growth coupled with an internal reorganization to keep it nimble. Leaders were ready to evolve the brand and develop a new website, but wanted to be certain that they were aligned with KAI’s vision & values.


We began by developing a brand platform that clearly articulated KAI's values and core belief: that the work they do has a broader and deeper impact than simply the buildings they build. We translated that impact to a visual brand update to differentiate them in the industries and geographic locations they had targeted. The new website then told the stories of people and communities transformed through KAI's work.

A Good Foundation

Re-energizing the KAI brand led us to push the existing mark to feel more modern, bold and energetic, exemplifying the company’s approach to community building. In the process, we created a strong underlying grid for the brand, making it feel more structurally sound by simplifying it and reducing the number of angles.

“We explicitly told you not to change the logo. That was a bold move. I love it!”

Michael B. Kennedy, Jr. , CEO, KAI Enterprises

Design with a Purpose

KAI’s work helps people achieve their best where they live, work and learn, and the company is committed to investing in communities that others may not consider. By valuing diverse perspectives, the company’s overall approach and final product is strengthened.

Where Culture Meets Work

The new website is a delightful user-focused digital experience, which reveals a few surprises along the way. It tells the entire story of KAI Enterprises and how the company creates value through efficient processes, talented people and a culture of strong collaboration.

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