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STOP's logo with a woman advocating for public health outcomes.

STOP (Stopping Tobacco Organizations and Products), a global tobacco industry watchdog, is exposing big tobacco’s continuing efforts to hook a new generation of smokers. Almanac gladly joined their fight. 


STOP is a collaborative of Bloomberg Philanthropies, University of Bath, Vital Strategies, Global Center for Good Governance in Tobacco Control and The Union. Together, these international organizations have a collective mission of globally exposing big tobacco's efforts to ensure consumers stay addicted to their products. When they were ready to share their work with the world, they came to Almanac for a brand and website that put a stake in the ground in this global health crisis.


We created a bold visual identity and informative website to assist STOP in its work of exposing the tobacco industry's nefarious tactics. Our work needed to connect with and motivate a wide range of global stakeholders, including grassroots organizations, allies, policy-makers, reporters and whistleblowers. When those groups engage with STOP and participate in its mission, we can shed a light on the tobacco industry and improve health worldwide.

Spotlight on the Brand

The spotlight as a symbol for the STOP global coalition highlights how each organization and individual plays a role in shining a light big tobacco’s efforts to circumvent regulations and hook a new generation of smokers. Focusing on the play between light and dark, we’ve used a beacon of light to uncover the tactics hidden by the tobacco industry and the ways it keeps us in the dark. High contrast, electric brand colors evoke confidence and inspire action, and align with the energy of the work conducted by the initiative.

Partner Logos
STOP website graphic reading "we're exposing big tobacco's tricks to hook a new generation.
STOP swag with the tagline Shine A Light On Big Tobacco on tshirt
STOP swag is a sticker with the logo reading Stopping Tobacco Organizations and Products
STOP's booklet with information on The Crooked Nine, organizations in the tobacco industry.

A Resource Hub

The STOP website brings together individuals and organizations from around the world who are globally exposing big tobacco. It encourages user interaction by sharing research and relevant articles, compiling resources from reputable sources—like a searchable database of industry front groups—and by giving users the opportunity to share their own information from the field.


Tobacco Industry Allies Map


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