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Thank you so much for your partnership and vision. I think all of our brainstorming and editing made for a wonderful end product."
Opal Jones, President & CEO, Doorways

Our Strategy Services

Brand Audit

You always have a brand, whether you focus on it or not. We'll take a look at the ways your brand identity is showing up in your marketing materials and other collateral while also reviewing your competitors. The brand audit gives you a complete picture of how you're showing up for your target audiences and reveals the gaps in your brand strategy.

Brand Strategy

Without a clear brand position and understanding of your target audiences, any investment in your brand identity will be less effective than it could be. We'll dig in and help you create a position and messaging framework that not only directly connects with your audiences, but also differentiates you in your industry.

Content Strategy

A consistent, compelling presence in the day-to-day lives of your audience gives them a reason to stick around. It also requires careful planning and an understanding of all the ways you communicate with your audiences. We'll craft a comprehensive strategy that encourages people to participate and gets you the results you need.

Information Architecture

You want your website to be usable and findable and you want the same for the key concepts, statistics and features that your audience needs to understand. Our strategic and sytematic approach to information architecture will help you get there.

User Journey

Once we understand your audiences and what they want from you, we can craft a user journey that satisfies them while also attaining your communication and marketing goals. Our delightful UX design will ensure that each step along their way is enjoyable and informative.

Strategy Case Studies

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