Move your audience to give, to care, and—most importantly—to connect.

Making good content is just as much about being empathetic as it is about craft. At Almanac, we provide purpose-driven organizations with professional content that moves people, and a plan that moves the needle for your organization.

What to Expect


1-3 months

Readiness Indicator

You are ready to:

  • Gain attention from new or existing audiences
  • Develop a flexible and appropriate content strategy and be consistent with your delivery
  • Develop a content calendar and topic list focused around events, products or strategic goals
  • Create graphics, video and messaging for use in social media
  • Discover content creators in your company or organization, and help them find their voices
  • Stand out in an increasingly competitive digital world

Your Scope of Work

At Almanac, we create content that makes you real to your audience. It’s instant proof of your identity, and a way to demonstrate that your actions line up with your beliefs. That authenticity is a way to take a step above the competition.

We begin content projects by understanding your brand and your audience. After careful planning in pre-production, we typically shoot on-site, whether we’re updating headshots for your site or filming a brand storytelling video. Every project is customized to our client’s needs, and we’re there for the whole process, through editing, sound, and final cuts.

Typical Deliverables

  • Content strategy and plan
  • Content library planning and implementation
  • Content creation
    • Video, photography, and audio
    • Brand and lifestyle shoot
    • Headshots
    • Event photography
    • Brand storytelling video
    • Narrative video
    • Animation and motion graphics

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“ I appreciate your commitment and dedication to our project and the thoughtful nature of your thinking. I loved working with your team.”

Steve Zwolak, CEO, LUME Institute

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