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Almanac’s process for understanding your users is second to none."
Ted Elsas, Senior Director, Digital Communications Office of Public Affairs - Washington University in St. Louis

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We'll work with you to craft a strategy that combines elegant UX design with a clear understanding of search engine optimization. Our proven website design process will help you translate your brand into the digital space and ensure that you stand out among competitors without sacrificing effective marketing opportunities.


Why build a working model of a new site? Prototyping gives us an iterative approach and opportunity to ensure effective UX design through user testing. Prototyping also provides your team with a model to use for planning and an early warning for user behavior issues.


Our modular development process ensures that Almanac sites share four essential traits: they’re usable, accessible, flexible, and scalable. With efficient, well-documented code on both the front and back ends, we’ll set you up for a secure and successful future. As part of web development, we can recommend a content management system or help you evaluate choices as well.


Because websites should work for everyone, we think about accessibility during the entire website design process, from UX design through web development. Creating web sites that drive connection requires seeing users as people first, and using our experience to remove barriers to finding, using and taking action on your site.

Search Engine

Through search engine optimization (SEO), we work to ensure that your target audience can find you easily—and that you can draw in the people who don’t even know you exist yet.

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