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Really, I can’t say enough how amazing Almanac has been throughout this rebranding process. We are so grateful to their organization for the work they've done for us!"
Kristine Gruver, MA, CFRE, President

Design Services

Branding Identity

Your branding identity gives you a visual system to use to communicate your brand's position, your vision for the future and your perspective. With input from key audiences our strategic branding identity development process creates brands that are distinct, modern, active and flexible.

Branding Design

Beyond logo design, branding design brings together your voice, goals, audiences and branding identity to create a unique and cohesive look and feel for all types of communication and marketing materials.

Marketing Materials

When you don't want to leave success to chance, strategic design gets you there. We design marketing materials that clearly communicate, inform and inspire while delighting recipients. We begin with your goals in mind and work with you to make sure your investment pays off.

User Experience

Whether we are creating a website or direct mail campaign, our design team always thinks about the user experience. Our work helps our clients connect with their target audiences across multiple channels and we incorporate accessibility principles into all of our work.

Brand Naming

Brand strategy starts with the right name. From products and programs to companies and organizations, our strategic brand naming process will build on your key differentiators and help you speak to your audience from the moment you're introduced.

Design Case Studies

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