Almanac – Website Assessment Worksheet

Chances are, your organization needs more from your website than ever before. With more communications shifting to digital, out of need or convenience, your website must do more heavy lifting than you planned.

You probably have a running list of website grievances that have been shared with you by various audiences: can’t find the things they want to find, too much information, not enough information, not sure what should go on the site. And the list goes on.

Before you take the next step and begin a website redesign process, there are tried and true ways you can evaluate your current site, just like website designers and developers do. We’ve put together a worksheet for internal teams to use to assess their sites in four critical areas: Audience, Brand & Messaging, Goals and Measurement.

Download the assessment worksheet here. If you want a little more background into why we look at these areas, you can read our “Measure Twice, Build Once” post as well.

Good luck and get ready to learn a lot about your site visitors and how your site can give them more of what they need while meeting your goals.