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Accessible website design drives engagement


The Opportunity Trust had successfully raised funds and attracted supporters to its vision of an equitable and thriving St. Louis. We worked together to translate their brand and messaging through accessible website design that would engage and inspire.


The Opportunity Trust had developed a brand, raised funds and begun programming when we met. They were ready to take their vision and message to the larger community and begin involving parents and neighbors in the changes they were making to the education system in St. Louis. Their website needed to inspire stakeholders to join the movement, but also explain systems change and why their process would be successful.


Our strategy to attract and inspire the community to get involved was built on a drive for clarity. We wrote website messages in the strong, clear brand voice that The Opportunity Trust had developed and we opted to visualize several of the systems, processes and models that are key to its work. In this way, we could help visitors quickly understand the goal and vision and give them a unique experience while making concepts accessible.

Engage in Learning

Some of the systems-change concepts that The Opportunity Trust works on can be difficult to understand, even for people who work in education. Together, using accessible website design strategies, we designed their site with clear user journeys, appropriate data visualization and delightful animations.

Share A Point of View

In order for people to support and work with The Opportunity Trust, they had to first understand the problem, and then the solution, from The Opportunity Trust’s point of view. Using brand language and sharing resources, statistics and research, the website makes the case. You can also listen to founder Eric Scroggins describing the urgent need for change in his interview on our Heart, Move, Magic podcast.


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