Putting a Stake in the Ground

wyman teen and hashtag #wymanteenswill

For more than 100 years Wyman has guided, supported and empowered determined young people. Now their brand is an asset in telling their story.


Since 1898 Wyman has worked to ensure that all teens, no matter their economic circumstances, have the support and knowledge they need to thrive and lead successful lives. Recently going through a time of transition, the organization had experienced changes to its model, program and leadership. It was time to evolve the brand to truly represent the work and outcomes this social service nonprofit was achieving.


Even though Wyman does so many things, from programs to events to camp, at the heart of it all was an affinity for teens and their enthusiasm, leadership, energy and positivity. Through a consensus building process with staff, volunteers and teens, we were able to uncover and claim Wyman's unique brand position: Teens are at the heart of everything they do. Building on that idea brought the brand to life in color, imagery and language.

Purpose-Driven Guidance

Brand positioning statements are our north stars in creating the look, feel and sound of a brand, and the one we created for Wyman gave us strong direction: As experts in teens, Wyman guides, supports and empowers determined young people as they thrive today and prepare for positive tomorrows.

Carlos for Wyman rebrand

Energy and Enthusiasm

It was important to Wyman’s stakeholders that their work not be seen as “saving” teens, but rather as guiding teens already determined to be successful. The concept of the teens’ determination guided our choices to feature teens in Wyman programs, tell their real stories and create the #WymanTeensWill hashtag.

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wyman teen
wyman teen
wyman teen
wyman teen
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"I've always had a voice."

Wyman teens come from many backgrounds, ethnicities and family dynamics. With help from program directors and those who know the teens best, we selected a handful to share their stories with us. Their future-focused stories of overcoming obstacles to lead and thrive inspired us to capture their personalities in a multi-day photoshoot. The resulting storytelling is hopeful, energetic and real, just like the subjects.

wyman teen on blue background

Elements of the Brand

The new organization logo built on the former wordmark, strengthening it and bringing a sense of clarity. The color palette begins with the organization’s long-time partnering of orange and white, but brightens it and expands to include several energized hues. The addition of a handwriting font brings a personal, human touch to any collateral.

wyman brand mark
I have the will power
wyman direct mail pieces

Reaching out to Donors

In one of the first applications of the new brand, we worked with Wyman’s advancement and marketing team to create a direct mail and social media campaign targeting current and lapsed donors. The three direct mail pieces tell stories from the perspectives of teens and an alum-turned-volunteer. Each mailer includes data points from Wyman’s own learnings as well as opportunities to engage through giving, requesting more information and getting in touch.

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wyman direct mail
wyman direct mail
wyman direct mail
wyman direct mail


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