Almanac – Content Guide

Thinking about creating content for your brand? Wondering how we create video and photo work that moves people? If so, you’re in the right place—and a download of our Content Guide is just a click away.

Inside, you’ll find expert guidance on how to link your brand to the content you make. We’ve collected the most common questions we get about content—and even provided answers—in hopes of getting you further down the line. Perhaps most compelling of all, we’ve thrown in an illustration of this guide’s mastermind, our Media Producer, Hayden Molinarolo.

It’s our hope that this guide aids your content development process, and helps you get your “why” out into the world. If you’re an impact brand, you’re here to make a difference. Any day that we can help you do that is a good day in our books.

Thanks for downloading, and happy content creating!