Almanac – User Journey Audit

When you launched your website, you probably identified key actions you wanted users to take–things like apply, donate or learn about an event–and you identified clear pathways across the site to inspire these actions. But sometimes, even though a path may seem so clear to us, it’s just not how your user is engaging with the content. Sometimes users are searching terms that we’ve never thought to use. Sometimes they are scrolling down a page past a link that we thought was so clearly placed they could never miss it.  None of this is unusual, in fact, it’s pretty common. 

It just means it’s time for a user journey audit to help you surface these issues and strategically plan site updates that actually move the needle and help you reach your goals. 

So, before you dive-in and start making edits to your site, consider performing a user journey audit. To help you get started, we’ve put together this worksheet to assess your user’s journey. It starts by identifying your primary user and what you want them to do. Then it will help you determine what they are currently doing, and prioritize the updates you’ll need to make. 

Download the user journey worksheet below. If you aren’t sure yet about your audiences, and what you want them to think, feel and do, consider starting with our website assessment worksheet. 

Good luck and get ready to learn a lot about your site, its users and how your content is (or isn’t) guiding them toward your goals.