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Forest Park, Now & Forever


Forest Park Forever, a private nonprofit conservancy, partners with the City of St. Louis to restore, maintain and sustain Forest Park as one of America’s great urban public parks—now and forever. The organization came to Almanac to raise awareness of their work and the ongoing need for the public’s support.


Forest Park is a cultural attraction, regional asset and economic driver. After leading a massively successful restoration of the park in the 90's, Forest Park Forever needed to build relationships with a new generation of visitors who may be less aware of the park's transformation and the organization's role in raising private donations to fund the ongoing work.


Almanac developed "Now & Forever", a campaign employing bright and bold in-park signage installed at key landmarks, cheeky messages, and complementary social media tactics to educate visitors about Forest Park Forever's ongoing work to keep the park looking and working great. Through this campaign, we were able to position Forest Park Forever as indispensable to a thriving Forest Park.

Build on the Brand

Forest Park Forever had recently gone through an extensive corporate re-branding project. Our campaign needed to build on the existing brand but be strong enough to stand out and grab attention from busy park visitors. The result is a new mark and a color palette that relies on the bright colors in the brand’s secondary colors.

It's ok to stair

Always placed in pairs, the first sign draws attention to the location being highlighted, while the second includes educational details backing up the work and opportunities to get involved. The signs are printed on both sides so they can impact visitors coming from any direction.

“We’ve had a nice response to our brand awareness campaign, including from staff, Board members and several smiling Forest Park visitors who snapped selfies next to the signs. Kudos to the Almanac team on a fun and focused collaboration!”

Stephen Schenkenberg, Vice President, Communications & Marketing, Forest Park Forever

Best Friends #Forever

Messaging encourages park-goers to pose with the signs and use the organization’s hashtag #forestparkforever to share their Forest Park memories and experiences.


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