Understanding Your User’s Journey

Learn how users are engaging with your site to make updates and reach your goals

Almanac – User Journey Audit

When you launched your website, you probably identified key actions you wanted users to take–things...

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We say it all the time, the real work on a website begins when the site is launched. That’s when you move from a mindset of building an amazing site to maintaining an amazing site—keeping it fresh and relevant as the world (and your users) evolve and change. 

Though we do so much research when we create a site—surveys, user interviews, focus groups—ultimately, design is still about making educated assumptions about the audience. Frankly, sometimes design gets it right, and sometimes design gets it wrong. The only way to know is to test it. 

User Journey Audit
So, what’s the best way to test a site that is in use? A methodical user journey audit of your site will enable you to test your users, and see if they actually do what you think they do. It can also test assumptions from the design process and inform future design decisions. User journey audits are the best way to surface and plan site updates that actually move the needle and help you reach your goals. 

Our Almanac user journey audit starts with understanding audiences and identifying the key calls-to-action we want them to take on the site. Then, we look for opportunities to engage those audiences to provide insights and guidance. Check out this helpful worksheet to help you get started on your own user journey audit. 

Almanac Can Help
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