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De Smet Jesuit High School has long been an innovator in secondary education, incorporating the service, values, and leadership of their namesake, and historical St. Louisan, Fr. Pierre-Jean De Smet. Their commitment to service and spirituality has crafted a brotherhood that lasts far beyond their years in the classroom.


De Smet Jesuit is part of the fabric of St. Louis and beyond, with hundreds of notable and accomplished alums. So when it came time to plan for their 50th anniversary, they knew they wanted to pay tribute to the school’s rich history. Instead of a review of the past, we recommended they look at the celebration as the starting point for the second 50 years of De Smet, attracting a new generation of leaders.


Using a treasure trove of historical assets, along with video and audio stories from alums, we developed a campaign that spoke to the heart of De Smet’s mission, “Legendary Leaders, Extraordinary Lives.” A multi-channel marketing plan, with social media and a website at the center, keeps the anniversary photos, stories and videos alive and relevant throughout the school year.

A Nod to the Past

One of the key goals of this campaign was to connect alumni to the school through memories of their time there. By using vintage marks and pennants as our guide, we created a fresh look that speaks to generations.

This is Who We Are

Milestones, artifacts, and audio and video stories of notable alumni are grouped by decade and around themes core to De Smet—mission, athletics, spirituality & service, and innovation & technology. Alumni stories include memories and personal reflections on how their time at De Smet impacted their lives and created their callings. In addition to video, the site includes more than 25 audio stories—a quick, cost-effective way to add layers of stories to an established site or campaign.


The hashtag #DeSmet50 is used throughout the campaign and is an invitation to alumni and supporters to share their own photos, stories, and memorable moments.


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