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Break Through: 50 Years of Mackey Mitchell


Mackey Mitchell Architects amplifies the power of human potential through design leadership, innovation and curiosity. Their 50th Anniversary gave them an opportunity to spotlight the incredible individuals who are empowered by the spaces they create. 


When our long-time client asked us to help them properly celebrate 50 years in business, we knew it was an opportunity to look back over their many past successes. More importantly, the anniversary was a reflection point and a unique chance to propel them to even greater heights. Our overall project goal was to connect with and raise awareness among three key audiences: prospective clients, prospective employees and partners.


We evolved the original brand strategy, going deeper into their positioning, which had produced the tagline "Shape the Inspired." The new iteration put more emphasis on the people who are impacted by the environments that Mackey Mitchell Architects creates. We crafted a content strategy around four of MMA's core values: curiosity, drive, innovation and discovery. We then built messaging and storylines that wove in projects and people from key industries that they are targeting.

Powered by People

The content strategy for the Break Through campaign rested on the shoulders of real people. In videos, blog posts and social media we told stories of the human beings who make Mackey Mitchell’s work so significant. From the founders and the architects who carry on their passion to the video subjects who are benefiting from their work, each person’s story was told with care, showcasing their unique struggles and successes.

Experience the campaign:

Innovation in Action

The Break Through concept was woven throughout the campaign collateral, starting by breaking the diamond shape out of the Mackey Mitchell logo. We also utilized an architecture-inspired typeface and extended the copy beyond the traditional barrier of the page’s edge.

Making Connections That Matter

Through thoughtful strategic content development and targeted social media, we increased Mackey Mitchell’s awareness and brand affinity within their target markets and areas of expertise.


Our six-month campaign garnered 128,000 Facebook impressions alone, leading to a staggering 395% increase in website traffic86% of which was comprised of new visitors. With a robust and engaged audience, Mackey Mitchell Architects is now poised for success and ready to create more spaces with impact that help shape the inspired.


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