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Welly Puts a Friendly Face on Serious Care

Child and doctor with Welly healthcare data application logo

A national non-profit, Zero to Three works to ensure that all babies have a strong start in life. Welly, their brand-new healthcare data app, makes it easy for doctors and parents to help children meet critical childhood milestones.


Zero to Three partnered with Almanac to develop a brand identity for Welly, a healthcare data app that streamlines communication between a child's family and pediatricians. The organization understood that if Welly was going to stand out among a suite of competitors—and actually be utilized by the primary target audience, busy pediatricians—the design needed to be simple, memorable and convey ease of use.


Our research and discovery process illuminated the need for a brand that was at once friendly and data-driven. Through a collaborative messaging and identity development process, we worked with Zero to Three to ensure that we never lost sight of the purpose of Welly: to engage families and doctors to give young children better care early in life.

Welly the healthcare data app for doctors and parents based out of Washington DC
Logo animation of Welly the healthcare data app for doctors and parents based out of Washington DC

Keeping Kids on Track

If we want users to feel comfortable with the app, we knew we needed Welly to have a great personality! The abstracted W shape is friendly and accessible. Radiating stripes of color convey forward progression, and the orange bubbles reinforce milestones and data. The color palette keeps Welly connected to Zero to Three, while ensuring it has room to grow into its own digital product.

print brochure and computer screen showing dashboard of Welly healthcare data app used by doctors and parents

Multi-Channel Communication

Because Welly exists as a digital application, the brand was created with a digital-first focus, considering colors and typography that would read well on all types of screens. However, since Welly is in the introductory phase, we had to be sure that the brand could flex to work in more traditional implementations, like patient brochures and informational postcards.

“It's clear that they really listened to us - from our initial kickoff through the completion of the project - the two concepts they shared really showed us how they took the time to understand our vision for this initiative. ”

Ernestine Benedict, Chief Communications Officer


Because Welly’s in the pilot stage, results are still coming in. Based on anecdotal feedback, the personality, messaging and color palette have appealed to both of Welly’s key target audiences: pediatricians and families. We’re looking forward to learning more about how this innovative healthcare data app can help move the needle for kids everywhere.


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