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Zero To Three impact report cover with baby boy

Zero to Three was ready to shift the focus from the numbers to people. We helped them tie it all together to tell a story of impact. 


Zero to Three, a non-profit advocacy group based in Washington, D.C. has been working hard to ensure that children ages birth to three can have the very best start in life. They have focused on capturing and analyzing data, proving that their approaches and interventions work. With a new communications team in place and a new focus on reaching out to donors through storytelling, they came to Almanac to create the first printed Annual Report to share with their stakeholders.


Our approach with all data and statistic-heavy copy is to look deeper for the human side of the story. Because custom photography wasn't in the budget, we relied on a strong, clear color palette and messaging to complement stock photography selected for its subject matter, lighting, composition and expression. We also worked with the internal communications team to select stories that would connect with their audiences through specificity and emotion.

Zero To Three Annual Report titled A Bright Future

Present Perfect Positioning

Annual Reports allow you to connect with stakeholders around a snapshot of your organization.  Overall, our goal was to use the Annual Report to position Zero to Three as an innovative organization, using past successes as momentum for future change. We’ve also backed up the good feelings that Zero to Three inspires in its donors with solid statistics and financial information.

Zero To Three 2017 Report titled Leading The Way

“Incredible kudos to the Almanac team for their quick and relentless efforts as this organization pulled together its first ever annual report (!). It is beautiful and we can’t wait to share it with the world! Many many many thanks and hugs from our team to yours!”

Lauren Donovan, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Zero to Three
Zero To Three Annual Report 2018 quote from Clinton Boyd Jr.
Zero To Three Annual Impact Report with donor booklet attached


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