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Make 2019 Your Brightest Year Yet


Alright, here we are with another new year ahead of us. There is just something so energizing about 12 brand new months, fresh and clean! I know, I know, that energy can give way to business as usual by February, when our innovative and ambitious plans haven’t gotten off the ground. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Temper your optimism with just a touch of reality, and you can create a fulfilling and inspiring 2019. Try these four tips to create the work you know you have inside you this year:

Embrace the idea that marketing is change.

Your job is not simply to choose tactics and allocate time and $$ to them. As a marketer, you are leading people through change in communication styles, in behavior, in decision-making. Understand that change is difficult, and give your team and your stakeholders a little extra time, explanation and support to get through the scary moments.

Make time for inspiration.

You don’t have to take a whole day off and hang out in museums to feed your soul (although how wonderful does that sound?). Bookmark some beautiful websites, look out the window, take a walk, sketch, let your mind wander. Break out of the structure of your day and you’ll find answers to your stickiest problems coming easier. Consistently give your brain some unfocused time in a couple of inspo breaks each day and you’ll soon have a habit you love.

Be generous with your time and ideas.

When we live with a scarcity mindset (how will I get the credit, I have no time to spare, there’s only one right idea, etc.) we live in a scary world. Intentionally sharing what you have with others forms connections that somehow (magically?) increase your resources. Generosity not only impacts the people around us but makes us happy as well. Spend 15 minutes talking with that younger team member who has so many questions, throw ideas out in brainstorms, email a colleague with an encouraging word.

Remember, we are humans talking to humans.

This is the foundation of effective marketing. Four-pronged communication strategies, brand pillars, content schema–they’re all great tools, but if you lose sight of the people on the other end of your work, you won’t move the needle for yourself or your organization. Create a picture in your mind of the person reading your blog post or navigating your website. What do you want that person to think, feel and do?

Happy 2019 everyone, let’s make it the year that we all shine.