website analytics worksheet

Almanac – Website Analytics Guide

Website analytics can help you track who is coming to your site, where they go once they get there and how they found you. Analytics can also help you evaluate whether your social media campaigns are effective in referring people to your website. Wondering if visitors know they can give online? Check out your analytics.

We know, it’s not that simple. And we also know that website analytics isn’t something everyone is immersed in, so we put together this guide to get you started. It includes analytics report definitions and some sample questions to ask yourself to get the most guidance from your data.

We recommend that you begin by making sure you have set measurable goals for your website. Also, think through the multiple ways your website can impact your organization’s goals. In the end, a website is only a good investment if you can measure how it helps you communicate and connect with visitors.

Download the Website Analytics Guide here. You’ll soon be on your way to making data-driven decisions about your website and its role in your marketing!