Almanac Impact Worksheet Download Cover

Almanac – Impact Worksheet

Does your work move the needle on an important issue? Are you focused on improving the human condition? If so, then you might be an Impact Brand! In which case your number one job is to make the case that your organization / cause / new product is indispensable in the eyes of your audience.

In order to do that, there are five shifts you need to make to sharpen your message, cut through the noise and connect with your audience. You can read more about those shifts here, or you can jumpstart the process of envisioning your new Impact Brand by downloading our worksheet.

We created this tool to aid our team in drilling down to an organization’s “Big Idea.” We use it internally when we kick off the concepting phase of our branding projects. It really helps to ensure all of our ideas ladder back to, and reinforce the impact our clients seek to make.

We hope it works for you, too!