content workflow guide

Almanac-Guide to Content Workflow

Quality content is the number one way to:

  • reach customers and stakeholders who want what you have to offer
  • build your brand
  • get found on the internet

On the surface, creating content seems easy, but in reality, developing content that connects, engages and builds your business is a complex process. Who generates ideas? How do ideas turn into posts or videos or webinars? Who makes decisions? One of the best ways to consistently create good content is to develop a content workflow that pulls in the right people at the right times.

If you’ve found yourself scrambling to post a new blog, wondering where all the good ideas went or consistently writing “Create Content” on your to-do list, check out our download “Almanac Guide to Content Workflow”.  Inside you’ll find an explanation of all the components of content creation, plus a tool to help you map out your own process.

Thanks for downloading, and if you’d like to chat about content creation, websites, or digital marketing, just reach out to today.