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Quadrangle is Washington University’s department of Off-Campus Living. Problem was, not too many people inside the University knew that.


Our research quickly uncovered confusion around the Quadrangle brand, their connection to the University, and their role in property development, leasing, and management. They needed a facelift, starting with a new brand, mark, and messaging, and ending with a website to connect Quadrangle to the University, and make it easy for potential residents to find, view and rent their properties.


We began by positioning Quadrangle as a connector and good neighbor, building strong communities within Washington University. We then created an approachable brand identity that visually moved them closer to the Washington University brand. We then translated the brand and identity to messaging, marketing materials and a user-friendly, property-focused website that makes it clear they are part of the WashU team.

Let's Be Clear

We added a simple descriptor, “WashU Off-Campus Living”, to Quadrangle’s name and identity materials, clearing up confusion around their relationship to the University.

Take it For a Spin

The new website is easy and fun to use, seamlessly serving up 3rd party data about properties, availability and rates.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Quadrangle has worked hard to find, renovate and manage great properties that give students a unique opportunity to live in some of St. Louis’ most vibrant neighborhoods.

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