Operation Food Search

Shining a Light on Childhood Hunger


Every month, Operation Food Search feeds more than 200,000 people in the St. Louis area, one-third of whom are children. Though they’ve had a strong impact reducing hunger and food insecurity in our region, there is work yet to be done.



With a proven plan and strong community support, Operation Food Search launched a $7 million capital campaign to purchase and build out a new facility and significantly expand their programs. They selected Almanac to help them develop their case for support and campaign materials, reaching out to donors in the Campaign to End Childhood Hunger.


We knew we wanted to help potential donors understand the long-lasting impact of food insecurity. To do that, we highlighted statistics that demonstrate the extent of hunger’s effects on issues from education to lifetime earnings, shared stories of children who are affected and demonstrated some of the impossible choices that too many St. Louis families have to make.

“We are so thankful for the fabulous materials Almanac created for our Capital Campaign. Our board members and team are very proud to share with our stakeholders. ”

Lucinda Perry, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Operation Food Search


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