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As their work to improve the health of all people in our region evolved, Missouri Foundation for Health began a long-term partnership with Almanac, starting with a look at long-held communication strategies.


While Missouri Foundation for Health first came to us for help in creating new communication and outreach materials for its staff, our discovery process unearthed the real problem: their work and impact had evolved, but their identity—how they portrayed themselves—had not. Our first task was to create an authentic and flexible brand for the largest health foundation in the state. We'd follow that up by helping the internal team translate that brand to strategic communication materials and a user-focused website.


We repositioned the Foundation as a resource for the region—a catalyst, creating the right environment for changes to happen. The new, modern visual identity is focused around impact, with iconography designed to make important health topics clearly understood. The positioning and identity combine to create a website that is easy to use and give the Foundation a platform on which to share thinking and help shape conversations around health.


Our conversations with staff and Board revealed that the Foundation’s work goes beyond funding, into systems, policy and education. This combination creates an environment where positive change can bubble up and touch people all across the region.

Real Missourians, Real Change

Custom photography done at locations across the state shows that the Foundation has impacted real people and gives them the chance to tell engaging stories and celebrate grantee work done with Foundation collaboration and support.

A Communication Tool for Change

Introducing MFH’s change-making staff and providing deep dives on important issues and outcomes, the website paves the way for developing relationships and partnerships that benefit communities all across our region.

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