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The Georgia Museum of Art exists to “…collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret significant works of art.” In fulfilling its mission, the museum creates rich, beautiful and thoughtful companion publications for each of its shows, ensuring the artists’ works live on long after the exhibition has concluded.


Almanac has partnered with The Georgia Museum of Art on several show publications. With each, we are given creative freedom but tasked with developing a piece that speaks to themes in the work. Our goals are always to help readers understand the artist, and help keep art a part of our daily conversations by reminding us of past experiences.


With each book, we take into consideration the artist's work and style, in addition to the format in which the works will be exhibited. Understanding the artist's motivations is essential to our design decisions. From creating foldouts to display panoramic photograph to employing a script type and stationery paper for an artist's letters, we make it personal. The resulting books—filled with essays, letters, stories and selected works—act as both a permanent ode and a prompt to continue the conversation.

Telling a Richer Story

Black Belt Color features the work of Jerry Siegel, a photographer and artist from Selma, Alabama, and includes essays on his work in the deep south. A Virginian in Paris features the work of Louise Blair Daura and a collection of the artist’s letters home. Clinton Hill contains works from each period of Hill’s extensive career, and demonstrates the wide scope of this multi-talented artist.

“It doesn’t feel like Almanac is 600 miles away from us because they do a great job communicating. They’re eager to push into exciting, fun areas of design, but they also know how to save us a buck at the printer. ”

Hillary Brown, Director of Communications, Georgia Museum of Art

Attention to Detail

Taking a cue from the artists themselves, small details–like blind embossing, gold foil, foldouts, fonts, die cuts and open binding–make each book a unique keepsake.


  • 2017 SEMC Silver - Black Belt Color

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