The Direction of Hope


To better serve the community, two well-respected St. Louis area nonprofits merged to become FamilyForward.Together, the agencies had 169 years of experience helping families build safer and healthier relationships. They also had two brands and lots of communicating to do!


FamilyForward's new brand was an opportunity to re-position themselves as thought-leaders while showcasing the innovative work they do to help children and families. Building on the strategic framework they had already developed, our work included refining the positioning statement, developing a new mark and brand identity for the organization and implementing the new brand, in partnership with the internal communications team, in key collateral.


By deeply understanding the way FamilyForward works with families, we were able to create a brand identity that acknowledges and celebrates the organization's incremental approach to healing. They meet people where they are and help children and families find unique paths towards hope, celebrating every achievement along the way. The color gradient, a foundational element of their brand, is the visual symbol of that incremental change, with the play buttons in the mark signifying forward momentum.

Progress, Not Perfection

FamilyForward works with children and families who are experiencing a wide range of issues, helping each person write their own success story. The color gradient shows personal progress, while the messaging is carefully crafted to evoke continuous improvement–the work is never done.

While We Grow

The brand and messaging we created for this new organization had to be flexible enough to accommodate strategic goals that hadn’t even been set yet. To help the internal team with the ongoing rollout, we created brand guidelines which define the spirit of the choices we made and tie visual elements to specific communication scenarios.


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