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The role of ecommerce website design and development in the growth of ecommerce companies

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An early adopter of ecommerce, DITALIA was ready to grow. A new brand and ecommerce website design and development were two important components in their long-term plan to build a consistently delightful customer experience. 


Since 1987, DITALIA has been providing specialty Italian foods for its loyal customer base. Part of their growth strategy was to move into a new audience segment of adventurous foodies, who were looking for a full-blown customer experience online. This new audience would need to be educated, guided and delighted with DITALIA's offerings.


We worked with the DITALIA team on a comprehensive approach including branding design, website design and development, email marketing and packaging. As a result of the focus on customer acquisition through email and social media, we developed a content strategy that uses love of exploration to create connections and drive conversions.

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Create an Experience

While 100% of DITALIA’s sales are ecommerce, they knew that a consistently quality customer experience from acquisition through conversion and fulfillment was the key to repeat business. Our work began with branding design, helping them find their voice and translating that to a powerful, modern logo design. Next, we focused on the acquisition messaging they use on social media and in email marketing. And finally we carried their new branding design through to the unboxing moment, when their customer’s wishes come true.

“In Almanac, we found a creative branding and design team that could help us tell our story without sacrificing the online shopping experience.”

Vince DiPiazza, Owner, DITALIA
Ecommerce website design
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The role of ecommerce design

We used the new brand to set the stage for the ecommerce customer experience. Our team designed the ecommerce website to make it easy to find and choose products. That design translated well to a mobile ecommerce website that made the shopping experience enjoyable on all devices. The product description for each item is built to appeal to the foodie set and includes details of all ingredient. And finally, automatic recommendations to see similar or complementary products builds the brand attributes for customers looking for adventure and advice.




Ditalia family photo
Ditalia spread of Italian imported food

User-Focused Content

We used the blog “The Secret Sauce” to tell the stories of the products and those who produce the products. Other user-focused content includes recipes, family stories, and new products to discover. This content is also used in social and email marketing and helps to attract potential new customers as well as entice long-term customers to visit the site regularly.


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