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ecommerce website design

A St. Louis-based national retailer of baby products was ready to re-imagine its website to increase customer acquisition and conversion rates by improving the overall experience for all visitors. Our mobile-first ecommerce website design and development process got them results.


This national retailer was ready to streamline online product purchases while giving users a holistic experience. Designing and developing one fully integrated marketing and ecommerce experience would not only increase conversion rate but also lower customer acquisition cost.


Our approach was built on mobile-first design, creating the site architecture around the products. Our content strategy drove conversions using customer stories and resources, while providing a seamless "add-to-cart" and purchase experience from anywhere on the site. Conversion design goals led us to an app-like interface with intuitive interactions and mobile shopping experience.

ecommerce website design

Mobile-First Design

As soon as we heard that 85% of their users were on mobile, we began to plan how to make this experience the most useful to visitors. Our team put themselves in the mindset of a parent holding a crying baby in the middle of the night and looking for solutions. Their approach was to create intuitive interactions and interface design for small (mobile) screens. Sticky add-to-cart buttons follow you down the page so you can’t forget what you were doing if you get distracted.

Designing for Conversion

All decisions about this site were made with one goal in mind: to remove barriers to purchase and increase conversion rate. We used principles of conversion design such as integrating products into the marketing content, conversion optimizing product pages with video integration and automated and customizable cross-sell / up-sell opportunities. Users can also create and use profiles with order history for easy reordering.

ecommerce website design

User-Focused Content

Our content strategy for ecommerce began with using real-life customer stories to highlight the benefits of the product. We also wove in interactive customer education with the animated bottle story, and created a 24-hour-a-day resource for purchasers, including FAQs, feeding tips and product instructions to make purchasers feel confident in their choices. The intuitive search and sort features serve up products with easy access to purchase.

Automated Order Processing

Along with the new user interface, we also included many ways to optimize the order processing and management of the website. We integrated their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System allowing them to seamlessly manage and update product information, inventory and order fulfillment workflow. Other impactful integrations included safe and secure credit card processing, sales tax implementation, and custom shipping calculations.   

ecommerce website design results


By seamlessly integrating their innovational products with their user-focused content on their new website, this retailer has seen a steady increase in online sales and organic search traffic to the site. The automations we put in place for order processing has allowed them to easily manage and fulfill the increase in online orders.


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