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Central Print is a nonprofit printmaking studio in St. Louis dedicated to education, outreach and the preservation of printmaking within the community. 


More than just a print studio, Central Print keeps the power of ink alive in their Old North St. Louis studio space by hosting community events and workshops that keep people excited and involved in the world of printmaking. Small in operation but large in reach, Central Print needed a brand that would position them as a relevant and progressive organization that thrives off of century old techniques.


Our work with Central Print resulted in a visual identity that is modern and playful, yet pays homage to the historic roots of the craft. We also developed pieces that speak to Central Print’s mission to educate St. Louis about the power of printmaking, including posters and quickstart guides. The brand speaks to creatives of all capacities and anyone else interested in learning new art forms.

Where the past collides with the future

The organization’s name pays homage in part to the influential Central Type Foundry, (founded in St. Louis in the late 1800s) but also speaks to the geographic location here in the midwest. The mark Almanac developed is comprised of a set of modular shapes similar to those found in the original Central Type Foundry design. The resulting type for CENTRAL is modern and geometric while the handprinted typeface for “PRINT” seeks a balance with its more traditional form.

All Shapes & Sizes

The concept is built to be modular, the combination of different shapes/ideas/perspectives coming together to make something better, stronger. The shapes can be arranged to mimic tools of the trade or used to create experimental patterns, a concept that fit right in with the community engagement component of Central Print’s mission.



  • 2015 Print Regional Design Annual

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