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Advanced ICU Care collaborates with hospitals across the nation to provide around-the-clock, critical care monitoring. As one of the nation’s largest independent telemedicine providers, they are passionate about elevating ICUs and dedicated to the heroes who work in our nation’s intensive care units.


Telemedicine can seem like a futuristic dream, but it is very much a reality. And it is making a difference in the health of people who might not otherwise have access to experienced and knowledgeable medical teams. Advanced ICU knew that their technological expertise and clinical experience made them a top choice for those hospitals who knew about them. Leadership was ready to create a website that reflected who they were and made a solid connection with potential clients.


With a goal to grow partnerships and inquiries, we created a website that visually demonstrates Advanced ICU's status as a leader in the future of telemedicine. We used confident language, first-hand stories from real people, authentic photography, friendly iconography and interactive content to show, not tell, their story. The interactive tool gives them a way to understand potential leads while giving potential clients information to help make their decision.

Something about lead generation

We know that when a hospital has an intensivist, outcomes go up. But with intensivists in short supply, and with smaller, rural hospitals’ budgets being compressed, not every critically ill person has access to that level of care. We created this tool to help hospitals forecast the savings, in terms of lives and dollars, that they could realize by engaging with Advanced ICU.


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