Heart Move Magic podcast

Podcast Season 1 Intro

Nate Sprehe CEO at Almanac and host of Heart Move Magic

Your host

Hey there, this is Nate Sprehe, CEO at Almanac. We’re a branding and digital agency in St. Louis working with purpose-driven organizations. And we’ve got a new podcast called Heart Move Magic.


This podcast is an experiment on what it takes to create change. It started with an idea we had about how we could support and inspire the people we meet who are working so hard to make meaningful change in our society. (We see you and we know you are special!) But as much as it is for you, it’s also for us! We’re inspired by you and drawn to understand where all that courage and conviction comes from.

Ideas are the easy part…and much too often they stay that way—just an idea. We’re much more interested in exploring that moment in time–that decision, where you say, “yeah, let’s do this thing!” AND THEN ACTUALLY DO IT!

So, this podcast is for you…but it’s also about you. I’m going to be talking with some of my favorite people who have proven that they have what it takes to create a vision, and stick with that vision until it becomes reality. We’ll hear from people working to change large organizations, people tackling big societal problems like education, and people who simply look at the world in a different way…who see opportunities where others see roadblocks.

This podcast has been a ton of fun for me. I hope you pick up ideas and concepts that are meaningful and help you keep going out there. And like I said, this is an experiment. We’ve never done anything like this before…We’re starting with 8 episodes and if you like them and want more, we’ll keep going. So let us know what you think. Whose story would you like to hear? What topic should we explore? Do I ask too many questions (ha)? We want it all. Send us an email at podcast@brandalmanac.com.

I’m looking forward to sharing these people and their stories with you. Thanks for listening!