Podcasts We Love + Why Your Organization Should Join the Trend


Podcasts are a great way to connect with people – and purpose-driven organizations that have great stories to tell are poised to create their very own. Not only are podcasts a great way to spread your messages and expertise far and wide, but they can also help you learn more about your industry and interests. So how do you decide if your organization should start one?

  • Do you have a team of experts that have findings or practices that could help you propel your brand and educate your audience on a larger scale?
  • Would your organization benefit from becoming a curator of ideas and people?
  • Does your organization have the ability to share tips and updates that will help people live better, happier lives?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any one of these, a podcast is a great way to supplement the content you are already creating.

Our team loves a variety of podcasts and we pulled together some of our favorites. Maybe they will give you some inspiration to start your own. Tag us on Twitter (@brandalmanac) to share yours!


Natalie Johnson, Designer
Pod pick: Bon Appetit

“I am such a foodie. Bon Appetit’s ‘foodcast’ features typical topics–restaurants, chefs, and food of course–but what makes me obsessed is their test kitchen segments. I’m guilty of listening to the same episode twice in one day! Who knew there was an art to boiling pasta?”

Angie Winschel, COO
Pod pick: “How I Built This” with Guy Raz

“I love podcasts that tell me a story. Guy tells stories of some of the most successful companies around today from the point of view of their founders. You get the inside scoop on how much blood, sweat, and tears they’ve all put into their companies and how they kept going.”

Corey Helling, Designer 
Pod Pick: Radiolab

“I have absolutely no idea how to describe Radiolab. Listening to it has changed my position on social issues, warped my understanding of the universe and taught me more about genetic engineering that I ever thought I wanted to know. If you want to learn anything about anything, give it a shot. Side note: The sound engineering alone makes it worthy of a listen.”

Nate Sprehe, President & Creative Director
Pod Pick: After On and Reply All 

“How do I pick just one?! I have so many. After On, a series of “unhurried conversations with thinkers, founders and scientists,” always delivers a deep dive into a topic I only have a cursory understanding of. Some of my favorite episodes are on Fermi’s Paradoxquantum computing, and cryptocurrency and blockchain. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to broaden their thinking about technology and, frankly, the universe.

Reply All is “a podcast about the internet.” I love it because it explores all the interesting recesses of the internet—the good, the bad, the hilarious—and the human connections at the core of all.”

Lauren Clark, Account Manager
Pod Pick: Revisionist History

Nate actually recommended this one to me a while back and it struck me specifically since I’m a big fan of Gladwell’s writing. I love the whole idea behind it, presenting unexplored angles of widely known events or things that the typical person wouldn’t question. Very enlightening and humbling.

Next on my list: Invisibilia, which explores the intangible forces that shape human behavior—things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions, and emotions. I’ve heard great things!”