Account Manager blog post by Rachel Tritsch on Almanac site

The Best (Secret) Part Of Working With An Agency


When you think about working with a branding and digital agency, you probably get excited about how a new brand will set you apart, the way an elegantly functioning website can encourage donors to give to your latest campaign, or even the powerful clarity of developing key messages. Those are all good things, but you might just be missing out on the best (secret) part of working with an agency like Almanac–having a dedicated account manager in your corner, like me!

So many times, my clients don’t even know they need me, but they do.

Here’s a scenario I often observe from my client contacts:

The work is piling up, keeping you awake at night–always on your mind in between meetings, emails, projects, did I mention meetings? You’ve got this feeling that there are changes that need to be made in your brand, marketing or digital properties but those projects seem so big. Between all the details of your organization and daily job, it’s hard to pull back enough to see the “big idea.” You keep moving through the next round of deadlines, thinking maybe next quarter you’ll carve out time to come up with a plan and get some traction on this challenge.

If I asked you right now, could you tell me your marketing goals for 2019? How you’re allocating your budget? The team who’s going to get it done for you?

Right here is the secret: this is where an account manager comes in and your life gets so much easier. You don’t have to have all the answers to those questions anymore!

An account manager will dig in with you and work to figure out your goals for the project and how they relate to the goals of the organization.  We’ll help you think bigger when you don’t have the time to chase down the possibilities. Sometimes we’ll discover strengths you never knew you had, and sometimes, our perspective means we help you see your weaknesses. Even when it gets messy, we’re all about finding solutions and we’ll be right beside you. Whether we are running focus groups, sharing brand concepts or creating website wireframes, your account manager understands your fears and your hopes, holds the details, and keeps the team moving toward clarity.

Having an off-site team managing a critical project for your organization is a smart investment that will pay off beyond the main project scope. You’re creating a partnership with people who will vet new technology and systems, sort through any mess you throw our way and help you focus on your important goals.  Then you can do your job and set your organization apart in the process.

So, what do you want to do in 2019? Now that you know you need me, let’s get to work.