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Das Bevo

Built by August A. Busch, Sr. at a halfway point between his home at Grant’s Farm and the Anheuser Busch brewery, the Bevo Mill has stood as a St. Louis architectural landmark for almost 100 years. Its most recent revival surfaced the need for a new branding concept that would match the developer’s promises to not only reinvigorate the mill itself, but to elevate the surrounding neighborhood and bring the witty German structure into focus for a young, contemporary audience.

The multi-faceted scope of the project was inspired by the new owner’s development plan: to create a sought-after event space, creative bed and breakfast, world-class beer garden, and a platform to engage with the public through community programming, food, and events.

The challenge of developing the brand had one other goal: to visually fit into the family of venues–which includes MAJORette and Boo Cat Club–owned by its new developers, Pat and Carol Schuchard. After working with the Schuchard’s on the previous two concepts, we were excited to round out the group and take on Das Bevo.

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Das Bevo Branding & Website
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