The best way to ensure success in your marketing is to meet your audiences with the right message at the right time. To do that, you need a plan.

When you’re ready to unite your communication efforts across channels, the Almanac Multichannel Marketing Program is a great place to start. We’ll help you take a comprehensive look at all of your communications, and ensure that a solid brand position, messaging, voice and tone are consistently carried out.

Our formula for success combines your goals with audience wants and needs. From there, we’ll create a framework on which to build your story across channels.

What to Expect


3-6 months

Readiness Indicator

You are ready to:

    • Build an effective campaign strategy, using SEM, PPC, SSM and/or email to move the needle
    • Combine traditional media advertising campaigns with a digital component
    • Create a comprehensive marketing and communication plan that bring it all together
    • Develop measurement metrics and management practices to ensure you are reaching your audiences

Your Scope of Work

Your organization has found a gap between where you are and where you want to be in some aspect of your brand, marketing, or communications. Almanac’s work happens in the gap. We will help you clarify the issue: Is your brand or messaging simply not representing your mission anymore? Do you need a social media plan that helps to ramp up your digital marketing efforts? Let’s figure it out together.

Typical Deliverables

  • Brand messaging document
  • Audience personas
  • Marketing Plan with traditional and digital tactics
  • Marketing / Campaign Calendar
  • Campaign plan, visuals, and execution
  • Ongoing campaign management

Related Case Studies

“The Board loved it! We have started playing with how to apply it and found it flexible and bold. Thanks again for everything! ”

Melissa Ferguson, Director of Marketing and Communications, Columbus Museum of Art

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