Our Brand Development program peels back the layers to get to the core of what you believe and why you do what you do.

Your brand is much more than a logo. It’s your philosophy, your approach to challenges and opportunities, the change you want to make; and it lives in the minds and hearts of your audience. A clear brand is the foundation for every communication decision you face.

The Almanac Brand Development program is a collaborative experience that engages your stakeholders to provide insights and guidance to ultimately forge a brand they can believe in.

What to Expect


4-6 months

Readiness Indicator

You are ready to:

    • Create a new brand for a new organization, program or social enterprise
    • Assess your brand’s current position in the minds of your target audience
    • Reposition and rebrand an existing organization
    • Refresh an existing visual identity

Your Scope of Work

We specialize in new ways of looking at familiar organizations, ideas, and brands. We’ll work with you to strengthen your brand position in the minds of your stakeholders, appeal to new audiences and help you carry through the brand experience into digital applications.

We have extensive experience working with boards, committees and multiple stakeholder groups. We will facilitate interactive sessions, create events to gain feedback and work together throughout the process. Let’s go!

Typical Deliverables

    • Stakeholder workshops / one-on-one interviews
    • Brand Assessment and Recommendations
    • Brand Positioning & Messaging
    • Concept Ideation Workshop
    • Brandmark(s)
    • Updated Visual Identity System
    • Brand Guidelines

Related Case Studies

“Almanac developed a visual identity that helps Places for People stand out among other providers in our community, while reinforcing our thought-leadership and mission.”

Chris Stalter, Communications Coordinator, Places for People

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