Nourish: The Making of a Subscription Service

| By: Sarah Stallmann
Sarah Stallmann

When a client comes along that’s both passionate and open to our team guiding their brand into a new direction, everyone–in our team and theirs–thrives. It doesn’t hurt when the client just so happens to be St. Louis culinary maven Holly Cunningham, and her newest venture, Nourish.

Holly, who is known throughout St. Louis for her successful catering and baking businesses under the name Hollyberry, originally came to us with a newly established Nourish brand and concept that would allow her and her team to foray beyond the catering realm and into the world of flash frozen, packaged meals. While Nourish had already launched in a large space in Rock Hill in the form of a cafe to-go and market, Holly couldn’t help but to think there was a better way to bring it to the tables of St. Louis families.


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Our team jumped right into research mode, quickly agreeing that Nourish had the potential to become even more accessible as a subscription service. We guided the team to define their audience—busy individuals and families who want great tasting, wholesome food without spending so much time and effort in the kitchen—made phone calls, sent out surveys, and chatted with potential subscribers, mapping the brand around its ease and convenience.

After the subscription possibilities were set, the most important step became developing a website and marketing materials that would get the word out about how good the food is (which may or may not have meant a lot of delicious sampling for team Almanac…). Unlike other popular meal subscription services, Nourish’s meals are chef-prepared right here in St. Louis, using locally sourced ingredients, and delivered flash frozen–it’s a simple concept that we matched with a user-friendly website and equally simple unboxing experience upon delivery, focusing primarily on the aforementioned delicious food.




After some more brainstorming, concepting, and a photoshoot session with local photographer Heather Roth, we were full steam ahead on Holly’s goal to launch Nourish as a fully conceptualized subscription service, with countless growth and menu possibilities on the horizon.

We are happy to be working with the Nourish team to continue to build the brand and deliver results. While her current subscribers have seen a difference in dinnertime convenience, publications are eager to feature the new business as well, making for a successful fourth quarter launch that we hope to continue into 2017.




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