New Faces at Almanac: Meet Natalie, Sarah and Rachel

| By: Nathan Sprehe
Nathan Sprehe

As we round out a very busy 2016, I’m reminded of the most honest and spot on business advice I’ve read: hire the best people and then get out of their way, a model we continue to embrace here at Almanac. With that in mind, I’m proud to introduce three new members on the Almanac team, Natalie, Sarah and Rachel!


Natalie Johnson, Designer | BIO
Every now and then I meet a student who seems to be years beyond their age, as was the case with Natalie, a recent graduate of Lindenwood University’s design program and self-proclaimed old soul. Natalie’s student work included deep exploration around memory and stories of everyday women. Her design for the AIGA St. Louis student conference sealed the deal. And no old soul is complete without a cardigan and a saxophone.



Sarah Stallmann, Copywriter | BIO
If you told me we’d be hiring someone who came to the interview wearing a matador’s jacket, I would not have believed you. Not because of a particular stance on the controversial sport of bull fighting, but, well, it’s just not a thing you see. Sarah’s penchant for the best words and her background as a fashion editor and stylist is matched by her extensive, stylish wardrobe. We’re all working hard to catch up—I’m looking into a cape.



Rachel Tritsch, Account Manager | BIO
It can be really difficult for a design-driven company to surrender aspects of client communication and project management to someone outside the design team. Lucky for us, Rachel thinks broadly about the spectrum of problems our clients face, all the while facilitating the messy process of figuring them out. Best of all, she’s adept at managing even the most minute project details, so nothing falls through the cracks. And she loves winter!