Once upon a time, there was a place called Yolklore

| By: Lauren Blankenship
Lauren Blankenship

From a design point of view, naming and branding processes work much more seamlessly when they happen together. A great name, especially a great restaurant name,  sets the tone for your experience before you see colors or typefaces, or even read a word written in brand voice.

Case Study: Yoklore Name and Branding

When we met the fantastic chefs who created Yolklore, the newest fast-casual brunch restaurant in St. Louis, their venture didn’t have a name, but it certainly had a personality. Memorable interpretations of everyone’s favorite breakfast foods filled the menu that existed in their brilliant food-focused brains. Our task was to draw out the essence of those culinary delights and communicate it through design and words. (Oh yeah, we had to eat lots of homemade pop-tarts and flaky buttermilk biscuits with gravy to find that essence!)

Fruity pop tarts, handmade with real fruit!

Though many names were considered, Yolklore was always a front-runner, especially when paired with the tagline “legendary breakfast”.  The brand that worked its way out of the name came complete with storybook illustrations inspired by folk (yolk?) art and colors that set it squarely in the here and now. The main mark itself combines typography, phonics and illustration to tell a complete tale in only eight characters.

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Yolklore’s menu is a fun read, even while you’re in the drive-thru.




From beginning to end, the Yolklore story has been an exciting page turner, with new characters and opportunities at every turn. This weekend another chapter begins as they open for the public on Sunday, July 31st! If you go, we can’t guarantee you’ll live happily ever after, but we can promise you you’ll look at breakfast in a completely new light!