Maplewood, there’s a new ‘M’ in town

| By: Katie Hileman
Katie Hileman

Today I thought I’d share some background on our work with Majorette, the would be sister venue to the Boo Cat Club (whose brand we launched last year). As we learned about the vision for this new space, we became excited about the possibilities. It became clear that Majorette had the potential to blast major energy and personality into what was a sleepy section of Manchester in the Maplewood neighborhood.

Case Study: Majorette Branding

During our research, our team spent hours touring the space, brainstorming names, partaking in mood board sessions, developing brand positioning and key messages, sketching identity concepts, and even uncovering the perfect music to announce her debut.





Majorette helps to set the spirit of an event, but she doesn’t define it. Instead, she encourages you to transform the space however you’d like. The interior is very flexible and streamlined, allowing those who rent it to do “whatever the hell they want” with the space.


During construction


They literally raised the roof


After completion of the construction

We developed a voice and identity for Majorette that builds excitement, is magnetizing and demands that people let loose. For the mark itself, we created a rather extravagant and bold ‘M’ adorned with the flair of a majorette uniform; tassels, metallic woven buttons… it’s all there. Accompanying the ‘M’ is the hand-drawn wordmark, which draws inspiration from retro typography. We chose a very bold and bright color palette of white, black, neon pink and red, and paired it with a portrait of a flying majorette. The high-energy, black and white majorette photography also brings out the curious and quirky nature of the brand.






When it came time for building signage, we wanted to go big! We contacted neon sign guru Mark Pitliangas with Antique Architectural Decor to bring our vision to life. Together, we created a 5′ x 5′ frosted plexiglass, neon-lit ‘M’ with 3D adornments cast in metal. The ‘M’ stands at attention over the front awning, demanding the eyes of motorists/pedestrians traveling in either direction down Manchester. For the front of the facade we created the ‘Majorette’ wordmark in hot pink, LED-canned lights.

MajoretteBlog12 MajoretteBlog13

From furniture store to Lions Club Hall and call center to event venue, Majorette has had many lives. We hope her big personality, colorful quirks and tassels will win the hearts of the curious and creative in our city as much as she has won ours.