Giving, getting and the things we learn

| By: Lauren Blankenship
Lauren Blankenship

The holidays are upon us, and as we prepare to send out our annual holiday greetings to our clients and friends, it’s nice to step back from our work (only for a second, literally) and reflect on all of the great stuff we’ve been honored to do this year, or in my case, the past six months. From nonprofits to architects and everything in between, we are thankful for each and every one of them; for all they’ve taught us and what we’ve been able to create by putting our minds together.

I think I’m speaking for everyone here when I say it is an honor to be chosen for the unique opportunity to help brands find their voice, to share their purpose with the world and ultimately make a difference in so many ways.

As the newest member at Almanac, I have my own reasons for being grateful. Just in the short time I’ve been here, I’ve gained a comprehensive experience; one day I’m interviewing an EMT professional and the next I’m migrating email! But the most far-reaching thing I’ve learned is what it means to really listen to people. To not only hear them, but to acknowledge their worries and ask questions.

Almanac has taught me that this line of work is a lot more about giving than getting, or at least when it’s the best, it should be. During this time of year when deadlines are tighter and days are shorter, it’s easy to forget that, but when you can see how the work you’ve chosen to be part of has more purpose than you ever imagined, it’s hard not to be moved.