Dancing With David Kent Richardson

| By: Lauren Blankenship
Lauren Blankenship

For all of us at Almanac, it has been nothing short of an adventure working with David Kent Richardson on the branding and new website for his interior design business. In the past few months, we’ve been enlightened about intricate details of David’s interior projects and the stories behind the medley of items for sale in his shop. We also learned about his varying clients, heard stories about his childhood, and reveled in much of his humor, which you can get a little taste of right here on his blog.

Case Study: David Kent Richardson Branding & Website
Visit the website: dkrinteriors.com


As we got to know David, his nostalgia for his Southern roots became a theme we could hold on to. David believes in the power of manners, he never takes himself too seriously and he really loves his cowboy boots. Staying true to that persona, our website design incorporated elements such as the cowboy exhibition video on his “Roots” page and original photographs of David as a child. All of these pieces come together to create an identity that is honest, engaging and a lot less “pomp and circumstance”, as David would say.


Since the website was meant to be a quick way for his potential clients to to get a sense of what it’s like to work with him, there are only five sections featured in the main navigation. By allowing visitors to view his completed projects, glimpse his collections and acquire a taste of his background and personality, we give essentials and nothing more. This way visitors aren’t overwhelmed with information or complicated navigation. Instead, David’s authenticity and visual appeal of his collections can remain the focus. Giddy up.

Check out David’s new website here.