Just Be Clear

| By: Lauren Blankenship
Lauren Blankenship

A big thank you to NonProfit PRO magazine for the opportunity to be featured in a recent article on keeping multichannel communications focused and messages clear. Almanac partner, Angie Winschel, was interviewed for the piece that came out in the national publication’s July issue.

“We were thrilled to be included by NonProfit PRO on this topic,” said Angie. “We know that bad messaging can easily become disjointed and confusing, and can even hurt your brand. If no one knows what you stand for, they aren’t going to want to stand with you.”

You can read the full NonProfit PRO article and find messaging insights from Angie and other communicators here.

Background: the direct mail campaign we created for St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation, The Secret Guide to Children’s, won a Gold Award for Fundraising from NonProfit PRO back in 2014. When Sean Norris, NonProfit PRO’s executive editor, contacted us with some thought-provoking questions about that project for an article he was developing on messaging, we jumped at the chance. We were happy to be reminded of the work we did with the Foundation and our client and friend, Stacy Maly-Rodgers, who was also interviewed for the article.



Check out the NonProfit PRO article here.


Check out our work on The Secret Guide to Children’s here.