Immersing Ourselves in Our Intern-ness: Part Two

| By: Sarah Mitrano
Sarah Mitrano

Three weeks in to my internship here at Almanac, I’ve noticed a few things. First, there is no limit to the number of bright yellow office things one can buy. Second, the Almanac team loves its mood boards. When asked to introduce each other on the blog, as Lauren mentioned in her post on Thursday, we decided to hijack this branding exercise in order to learn more about each other.




Watching Lauren choose her set of words and images was entertaining, enlightening, and in some moments, pretty surprising. Her choices, at first glance, painted the perfect portrait of a hometown midwestern girl. A Missouri and Illinois native, Lauren grew up, went to school, and started her career all within a few hours of St. Louis. She loves the city, her family, and spends as much time as possible with the people she’s close to. Even before the exercise, I knew she had a friendly, easy-going, classically midwestern way about her.


lauren 1 lauren 2


And then there’s the fact that she spent a semester in Thailand. Lauren may be from the midwest, but her interests and aspirations reach far beyond the gateway city. She’s an avid reader, and an even more zealous writer, ready to delve into whatever topic she can get her hands on. She’s gone skydiving, been to dozens of concerts and festivals, and after her travels in Asia, can’t wait to explore more cities at home and abroad. As a recent graduate, she’s the first to admit she has a lot more questions in her life than answers, but she doesn’t shy away from the openness of what might be. Her roots are strong, but so is her willingness to grow.


lauren 5 lauren 4


What the mood board ultimately does, Nate tells me, is helps the client see where they come from, and where they want to be. The task from that point is to reconcile the two in order to shape a new identity. But there’s a reason that we talk about what has been, rather than just what we’d like to imagine might be. Somewhere in the mess of words, images, and ideas there’s a set of deep roots that make the brand—or the intern—who they are. That part, Lauren knows, is worth preserving.


lauren final