“Because of You” Shows Donors The Difference They Make

| By: Angie Winschel
Angie Winschel

Working with the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation to create the hospital’s 2014 digital Annual Report found us focusing more on donor support than in the prior two years we had collaborated on the report. Titled ‘Because of You’, the report shares authentic situations that patients and their families face every day at Children’s, and highlights how donor support contributes to their treatment and recovery.

Visit the website: stlouischildrens.org/you
See our case study: Because of You — St. Louis Children’s Hospital Annual Report

From 11-year-old Grace fighting cancer, to 16-year-old Cougar, whose life is on hold after a serious accident, each patient has benefitted from the care, the research and the patient-focused programs that are made possible by donations to the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation. Each of the six patient stories includes a statistic or infographic indicating how that specific patient was touched by donor support.



Tre’s individual page highlighting his battle with sickle cell anemia.

We also incorporated footage that was shot for the Children’s docuseries “Frontline for Hope” and additional videos provided by our client to round out the sharable content in the report. By keeping the site functionality simple and elegant, patient stories remain front and center and focus visitors on three essential actions: view the stories, share the stories and make a donation. The usual annual report statistics are housed in a pdf download of the Impact Report, a print piece that was mailed out to donors prior to the site going live. Donors and friends of Children’s were reminded to view the Annual Report by a direct mail postcard and social media posts.


ARinfographicPrinted impact report.