David Kent Richardson branding: it’s All About the Dance

| By: Katie Hileman
Katie Hileman

We recently had the pleasure of working with award-winning interior designer and retail shop owner, David Kent Richardson to develop branding that would encompass all of his interests and work. Not only is he a super-talented designer but also a curator, collector, and self-professed redneck who likes to pair the refined with the irreverent. Needless to say, we had a wild time working with him on his personal branding.

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Quickly we learned that his work is as much about his personality and attitude as it is about the spaces, objects and aesthetic. After the initial meeting with David, we started our brainstorming session. We kept coming back to key words like authentic, eclectic, casual, opinionated, boisterious, funny (with a sharp edge at times), and self-depricating. Upon first glance these adjectives may come across as negative, but in David’s case, not only does he come right out and let you know, “This is who I am. You either love me or hate me.” but he takes pride in it. He comes from a humble background where you tell it like it is and that informs much of what he does in his professional life: He creates spaces with experiences in mind. They aren’t pretentious but they are elegant and they definitely have personality.


When working with clients, David advocates designing for real life. Why buy a $4,000 chair if it’s beautiful but terribly uncomfortable? The following are his own words to describe the experiences he wants his clients to have: “Let’s make a bed that you want to get naked in!” “a baroque chair you can fart in” 🙂 He doesn’t want to design for you he wants to design with you so that you feel 100% at home in your own space that suits your lifestyle.

We used David’s own words and personality as the cornerstone of his brand and carried them out throughout his printed collateral, ads, social media account and website.


Francisshitty Wranglers

The wordmark we developed pairs a slab serif font with a bright red sans serif font highlighting his middle name: Kent. An alternative monogram mark was created that can be applied to materials on its own or it can be contained in a angle-edged tag.

logosWe carried the brand images and statements throughout the rest of his collateral. The statement we decided upon for his letterhead and client packet, “It’s all about the dance”, is another David Kent Richarson original we just had to incorporate. For David, this sums it all up. It’s about the way objects work with each other, not only new objects but also his clients’ own objects. It’s about making it all work together in a cohesive way that is interesting and fresh.


Client Packet, envelope with folded letterhead and the business cards.


The inside of the client folder.


Close up of the clear foil used to subtly highlight the brand statement.

David’s new website is currently in development, but in the meantime visit his landing page to view his work and learn more about the world famous Redneck Decorator. Yee-haw!