Liminal Thinking & Living Outside Your Bubble

| By: Nathan Sprehe
Nathan Sprehe

A couple of weeks ago we attended a COCAbiz lecture with author, thinker, illustrator and advisor Dave Gray. The subject was “Liminal Thinking”, the basis of which is getting out of your bubble so that you can be open to new and different experiences. And not just stepping out of your bubble, but learning to live and work in this space, which is something we talk about a lot at Almanac—”living in the chaos”. For the record, Liminal Thinking sounds MUCH better.

Take a look at Dave’s illustration below. Our perception of reality starts with a foundation of experiences, out of which we develop needs. We can’t pay attention to every single need, so we learn to prioritize. We develop theories about how things work, create judgements and ultimately develop a set of beliefs, which guide how we interact with information and ideas in the world. You know, we develop a world view…but so does everyone else, and they’re all different.


So what? Why does this matter?

As marketers, our hope is to seek and understand truth—to tap into The Unknowable so that we might connect with other humans in meaningful and unexpected ways. How is this possible if we’re stuck in our bubble, especially with the backdrop of a reality that is constantly changing and shifting beneath our feet?

We need to spend more time outside of our comfort zone. We need to be open to different perspectives, new processes, new ideas, new partnerships. Each moment is comprised of an infinite number of alternate moments. Will you spot the next one?

You can learn more from Dave Gray on this website or by following him on Twitter.