Understanding Your Gap

| By: Angie Winschel
Angie Winschel

Many times when we begin working with a new client, they are on the very outer banks of Where They’ve Been looking across to The Place They Want To Be.  Sometimes we can get them across the gap on a neat little sturdy bridge made of a new website or an explainer video or some other “thing”. More often, what swirls in between is a gray cloud of ideas, fears and thoughts. To successfully guide our clients through the misty mess we take one step back and work to clearly define the gap in front of us before we decide the best way to cross it, together.

A few symptoms of worn-out branding that you may meet in the gap:

  • You call yourself a “best kept secret”
  • Your audience is EVERYONE, all the time
  • There is a general queasy feeling of needing to do more marketing
  • Opinions, not data, play a lead role in your marketing and design decisions
  • No one’s really sure if a campaign worked
  • People at all levels of your organization say they need help communicating your work and impact
  • You’re not sure how to evaluate the advertising/marketing opportunities that come your way

If you recognize any of these symptoms from your gap, try going back to your brand position and comparing it to reality. Are your target audiences still the same? How about the way you do your work? Does your brand positioning still set you apart? Is anyone in your organization using your key messages? Why not? Do your brand voice and tone still feel authentic and real?

Answering these preliminary questions is a great start to understanding the gap that your organization must navigate to get to The Next Amazing Thing. And armed with that knowledge, you can build just the right bridge to get you there.